Wondering how you can be a delegate in the historic inaugural session of the assembly?

You really like the idea of direct democracy and want to be a delegate in the inaugural session of the Assembly.  If you're wondering if that is possible - the answer is yes - as long as you are a qualified citizen.  If you're wondering if you can do anything to improve your chances of being selected - read further.

The chance of a qualified individual being selected is about 1-out-of-367,000.

You may never be elected to office - but you have a chance to represent your fellow Americans as a delegate to the Assembly.

You can increase your chances of being selected as a delegate by doing any or all of the following:

1 .  Become a member of New unity (it's free).

2.   Donate $20 or more.

3.   Volunteer at least 40 hours (just 4 hours per week for 10 weeks).

We will add your name to the pool each time you do the above. So you can triple your chances to about 1 of of 122,000.  New Unity is making this available only for the inaugural session due to the historic significance of that session and as a means of expanding awareness and kick-off participation.

We are also adding 15 special delegate spots for the inaugural session that is allocated to  major donors and New Unity founders.  These special delegate spots are only for the inaugural session.

There is only one inaugural session of the Assembly.  It's an historic undertaking. We hope you're a part of it. Either as a Delegate, a volunteer or support New Unity in some other way.