Any meaningful endeavor comes from the work of many. We want to acknowledge those who did ground-breaking work that formed the foundation for our efforts.


The Ancient greek philospoher who originated many of the democratic concepts that are useful even today.


Prof essor Fishkin of Stanford University who has refined the concept of sortition and applied it in governance worldwide. Prof Fishkin has written extensively on the principals of deliberative democracy.  He has been involved in the application  of deliberative democracy concepts.  It works by bringing together a small group that demographically reflects the larger population. That group then spends a day or two deeply examining and debating issues resulting in an informed decision that the larger group would likely have made if they could spend as much time on the issues..  This is a version of what our Citizen's Assembly is designed to achieve - except that the Assembly will be seated for two years.


Professor Leib has written extensively on applying the same type of jury selection process to other government bodies and on a larger scale.  Juries are the ultimate embodiment of the people's direct participation in government.


CDDRL is home to a dynamic interdisciplinary research community of innovative and distinguished faculty members and scholars from around the world. The Center's research agenda is comprised of seven core programs that explore some of the most intractable problems and most exciting innovations in the study of development and democracy. Their work spans the globe and bridges the divide between academic research and policy analysis, forging partnerships not only with other research centers but also with international development agencies, governments and civil society organizations in numerous countries.