Delegates will be selected to reflect the general population of the United States. Selection will be done by an independent non-partisan organization using well-established statistical techniques such that those selected reflect the wider population with a 99% confidence level and nearly 5% margin of error.  Delegates will be drawn from all persons who reside in the USA, major territories and districts. The pool of prospective delegates will then be screened based on criteria described below. The goal is a Delegate group that closely reflects the population of the US and thereby incorporates the views of the country.

It is a great honor to be selected to serve your country and to represent your fellow Americans.


Age:                    Minimum Age 18 (essentially, all persons eligible to vote)

                             (See below for comparison to criteria for elective office)

Citizenship:    10 years - Minimum years as citizen at the time of selection for office

                              (See below for comparison to criteria for elective  offices)

Education:      High School Diploma from school accredited by the US Department

                              of Education or GED.  (See below for comparison to profile of Congressional


Residence:       Must reside in the US for at least  2 of the last 5 years.

                               (Note:  Approximately 9 million US citizens live outside the US.)

Legal:                  Must not be in prison or on parole or on sexual offender list.

Party:                  Must be non-partisan.

                                Either: not be a member of a political party or must renounce any

                                such membership upon selection. Must register as independent. 

                                Must not: be employed by any lobbying organization, hold any elective

                                or politically appointed office, have donated more than $1,000 to any

                                 political party in the last 4 years.

Language:          Must be literate and able to speak, read and write English fluently.

                                 (We have no agenda with this requirement - we just do not have resources for

                                    multi-lingual delegates)

Medical:               Must have medical capacity to serve. This is to be determined by a

                                 panel of medical  experts whose decision is final. The following would, 

                                 for example, be  medically disqualifying: drug-dependency, schizophrenia, 

                                 other mentally  incapacitating condition or condition requiring ongoing

                                 treatment that would impair a delegate's ability to serve, such as in a

                                 coma or terminal illness.

Other:                   At least three persons shall be selected from every state and every federally   

                                 administered district or territory with at least 500,000 residents. 

                                 No active duty military will be selected.  All delegates must authorize

                                 New Unity to use and to publicly disclose their name, photo and a brief


Verification:      The following documents are required from each delegate in order to verify

                                  their qualifications: 

                                      (1) birth certificate;

                                      (2) high school diploma;

                                      (3) proof of residence (such as utility bill); 

                                      (4)  medical certification;

                                      (5)  written representation signed by candidate representing

                                              that candidate fulfills  the required qualifications and is not 

                                              disqualified from service.

Oath of Office:   Every delegate is required to take an oath, and to sign an oath, similar to 

                                   the oath taken by every elected representative for federal office.

Conflicts:                No delegate may have any conflicts that could prevent them from 

                                     objective opinion or otherwise impact their service.  To mitigate the

                                     potential for conflicts, delegates are prohibited from accepting any gifts

                                     or from financially benefiting as a result of their service.  Delegates shall

                                     assign to New Unity the current and future rights to any intellectual 

                                     property that is based on their experience with New Unity.

Confidentiality:  To promote unhindered debate among delegates, all delegate debate

                                      and deliberation is not public and transcripts will not identify any 

                                      specific delegate.  Delegates must agree to non-disclosure of the identity

                                      of fellow delegates in any deliberation.  Due to the importance of this 

                                      provision, any unauthorized disclosure will be cause for immediate 

                                       expulsion of a delegate.

                                   COMPARISON TO OTHER OFFICE QUALIFICATIONS

                                                           President                  Senate                 House               Assembly

       Minimum Age.............                 35                               30                           25                         18

       Citizen of USA.............            14+ years                  9+ yrs                    7+ yrs                  10+ yrs

       Residence in USA.......            14+ years               Current                Current            2+ of last 5 yrs



Age Requirement. At least 55 countries have a minimum age for national office. For President and age 35 or 40 are predominant. For reference purposes, presently the average age for Senators is 61.8 (youngest is 39, oldest is 86) and for Representatives it is 57.8 (youngest is 29 oldest is 87).

Education Requirement. Service in a governmental body requires a level of intelligence and reasoning that is above average. We balance that fact against the desire to be as inclusive as possible. For example, if college degree were a threshold, it would exclude many capable people with important life experiences and thereby fail to represent a majority of Americans. Therefore, it was determined that a high school diploma or equivalent is an appropriate qualifying educational threshold. For reference, a 4-year college degree from an accredited institution is now held by 100% of Senators, the President, all Cabinet members and all Justices of the Supreme Court, and by 96% of House members. To put into perspective, for persons over 25, roughly 70% are not college graduates. Only about 30% of the general population has a 4-year college degree from an accredited college and 13% have no high school diploma or GED, according to Statistical Atlas of the US

Self   Determination. No person is required to accept the appointment as delegate. A person who, for any reason, believes   their life circumstances would impede their service can decline.


Any person who would be disqualified from serving in Congress would be disqualified as a delegate. See “Congressional Research Service – Qualifications for Members of Congress” by Jack Maskell, January 15, 2015.