The Citizen's Unity Assembly is to be a standing body that deliberates throughout the year. A physical chamber with offices is necessary so that Delegates can debate issues face-to-face.  The Assembly will communicate primarily via secure encrypted systems to the extent feasible.  However, there is nothing like face-to-face debate. So, in 2020 a temporary space will be used for meetings.   Eventually, the Assembly will need permanent meeting space that can accommodate up to 1,000 people as well as office space for Delegates, staff and administrators.

Location:             The location can be any city of 100,000 or more residents with high-quality          

                                  infrastructure including an airport with scheduled passenger service to 

                                  major cities.

Meeting Space:  Stadium-style or theater style seating with capacity for at least 1,000.

Office Space:       250,000 sf of space that can that can be

                                    redeveloped and converted to office.

Please contact New Unity if you know of locations / space that may be suitable.